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September 2013
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Cleaning Your Bathroom

September 27, 2013   

If there’s one job I detest doing it is cleaning the bathroom. I’ll try any excuse to try and get out of doing it, but after reading this article I’m starting to change my mind. Maybe it’s not as difficult as I’ve been making it all these years!

The Basics: How to Clean a Bathroom – SlowMama

by Ann Waterman – I wasn’t always this good at cleaning bathrooms — my college roommates would be happy to elaborate, I’m sure — but I’ve gotten better at it over the years and can make even the dirtiest bathroom sparkle with a little elbow grease and a few tricks up my sleeve. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way:

If you’re still struggling for motivation then this video might just be what you need. It outlines in detail the best techniques you can use to get your bathroom looking it’s best!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom requires supplies such as a toilet brush, sink-and-bathtub cleaners and sponges. Make a bathroom sparkle with advice from a professional …


House Cleaning Made Easy

September 26, 2013   

We all could do with some extra help when it comes to cleaning the home. Check out these informative tips I came across the other day whilst surfing the net.

They make it sound so easy, i’m even thinking of letting my regular cleaner go and taking on the cleaning duties myself!

Easy House Cleaning Tips That Save Time – Self Guide Magazine

Follow our easy house cleaning tips to clean fast and efficient and you’ll not get every room nice and clean but you’ll do it in no time all.

By far the hardest room in the house to clean is the bathroom. Will this video inspire you to get the cloths out and get stuck into those grimey shower screens?

Cleaning the Bathroom – House Cleaning tips

Check out the video on organizing drawers. It’s filmed silent movie style. Cleaning the Bathroom is one of my specialties. In thi…

Cleaning Blood Stains

September 11, 2013   

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is ‘how to remove blood stains from my carpet’?

Well there are a few little tricks of the trade that we share with you in this article:

Removing Blood Stains From Carpet | Citrus Carpet Cleaning

Occasionally we’ll cut ourselves or an accident will occur that draws blood. And if you happen to be in living quarters when it happens, the blood may transfer from you to your carpets before you even know what has happened.

As with all stains, timing is everything. The faster you treat and clean the stain, the easier it will be to remove.

It only takes a small cut on the finger to drip a few drops and your carpet is potentially ruined. If you’re not confident to clean this yourself then there are numerous professional carpet cleaning companies you can call upon to help out.



*Using cleaners to try and clean up the blood stains on the carpet and walls,after cleaning up all the shattered glass*

Haley Scheetz✝

I just love cleaning blood stains out of my tights. #dancerprobs

Time to De-clutter

September 5, 2013   

The new fad sweeping the nation is de-cluttering! It has become fashionable to employ someone to come in and trawl through your belongings looking for items to discard. It’s no longer enough just to keep your home clean or have the occasional professional cleaner swing by.

Personally I would rather be doing this myself, but if you do want a professional service then maybe these guys will be able to help you.

De-cluttering services – UK Domestic Cleaning

All of our branches are regularly busy carrying out end of tenancy cleans. Our Lichfield branch, however, has also completed a number of de-cluttering exercises for clients. Branch owner Lucy is particularly experienced at 

We would probably recommend a de-clutter prior to vacating  a property to make the end of lease cleaning easier to undertake.

See How Easily You Can De-clutter Your Home With This Little Shift In Your Thinking – In this new episode of the Midway De-cluttering Show, you’re going to listen to a very interesting de-cluttering story. It mi…

Cleaning Medical Facilities

September 5, 2013   

The commercial cleaning sector is certainly a competitive arena but if you can carve out your little niche you can do very well. These guys below for example have specialised in the cleaning of medical facilities.

This is a difficult area to get into because of the high levels of cleanliness demanded – and required – by medical facilities. The highest levels of service are required with extreme attention to detail.

Professional Cleaning Services for Medical Facilities

Professional Cleaning Services for Medical Facilities in Fort Lauderdale. It’s in your clinics best interest to contract with the best cleaning services provider in South Florida, RK Cleaning Services! Call 954-999-4030 for the 

General commercial cleaners looking to move into the medical market should raise their game, document their cleaning processes and then contact some local facilities to see if there are any contrcats up for renewal.

Commercial Cleaners

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