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October 2013
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Top Cleaning Tips

October 25, 2013   

Cleaning your home just became a little easier with the advice offered in this article. Check out this list of 20 amazing cleaning tips that will have your home sparkling in no time at all.

Even if you are an experienced home cleaner then I’m sure you will still find some of these tips and tricks useful.

20 Fall Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

As we get into the full swing of fall, some of us are preparing for our autumn cleaning ritual. As you start to think about how to clean problem areas in your home, you may feel the need for some new solutions. The old ones aren’t working, and some of them are even harmful to your family’s health because of all the chemicals involved. Well, look no further!

Cleaning can be an expensive exercise if you buy into those supermarket products. Well it doesn’t have to break the bank to clean your home as this video will demonstrate:

Spring Cleaning Advice: The Cheap & Easy Way

Watch as we learn how to clean our house the cheap and easy way!

Crime Scene Cleaners

October 8, 2013   

What a fascinating read this article turned out to be. Personally I can’t think of a worse job to do than cleaning up after a brutal crime scene, but I guess someone has to do it.

As you’ll learn from this article, there’s a lot more to this trade than meets the eye, and it’s certainly not in the same category as your domestic cleaning professionals.

Whilst your typical office cleaning person has to contend with overflowing bins and a dusty desk, these guys are wading through blood and body parts.

Not for me!

How the Biopro Team Works 

The crime scene cleaning industry may have a glamorous light shone on it via hit TV shows such as “Dexter”, “Law & Order” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, but the real world aspects relating to the discovery of a dead human body are obviously much less exciting and Hollywood-esque. After all, when a decomposing body is found, either through a planned suicide, a homicide or an accidental death, the correct crime cleaning company needs to arrive on the scene and return a semblance of normality to the nearby surroundings.

When a deceased person has to be removed, referring the appropriate crime scene clean up services is essential to the wellbeing and safety of the community at large. It is an industry that deals with many volatile and taxing emotions, including the vast array of passionate – and possibly explosive – feelings that a family member may experience at such a complicated, unexpected and tragic time in their life. However, for those working in the biohazard clean up crews that take care of this type of work, they feel intense satisfaction in knowing that they are making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Before all of this, team members must learn more about their chosen industry via numerous Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) educational courses and seminars, so that they can become successfully certified to handle and dispose of hazardous waste. Furthermore, any background knowledge in law enforcement, medical services or responding to emergencies may prepare team members for the types of crime scenes they will have to attend to. They are also required to know how to protect themselves against blood-borne illnesses and other diseases, as well as how to properly use safety equipment. In some states, a crime scene cleaning company may require bio-hazardous waste transport permits.