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Bay Area Earthquake Destroys 70 Buildings In Napa

September 2, 2014   

This photo was sent to us by Joy Dionisio Mendoza via Facebook who said,

Among the red-tagged buildings is the Napa Senior Center, which is closed until further notice, city officials said. The city’s Community Services building and some other city facilities have been yellow-tagged. Several streets throughout the city, including in the downtown area, remain closed as officials make the inspections to make sure that buildings in the area are not going to collapse. There were about 90 leaks to water lines from the quake and crews worked all night repaired eight, but much of the city remains without water and service is not expected to be fully restored until Wednesday or Thursday, Napa Public Works Director Jacques LaRochelle said.

The earthquake caught many people sound asleep, sending dressers, mirrors and pictures crashing down around them. Queen of the Valley Medical Center reports that 208 patients were treated in the aftermath of the quake. Hospital spokesperson Walt Mickens reported that 12 patients were admitted. Seven had orthopedic issues and five were treated for respiratory and cardiac conditions. One is still in the hospital in critical condition. The bulk of patients have been treated and released. Two triage tents that were set up were taken down later Sunday night and the hospital is getting back to normal operations. Mickens reports that a 13-year-old boy, who was identified as Nicholas Dillon, was brought in and stabilized before being airlifted to another hospital.

The teen was injured when pieces of a fireplace fell down on him and fractured his pelvis. He is now being treated at the University of California, Davis Medical Center and is recovering from surgery. Other serious injuries involved broken bones and other trauma. Mickens says the rest included “mostly lacerations, bumps and bruises” and those patients have been treated and released. Hospital staff said early Sunday evening that they were starting to see a slowdown in the number of patients seeking treatment for earthquake-related injuries.

VIDEO: Downtown Napa businesses clean up after earthquake The Red Cross reports that two shelters are open for those affected by the quakes at Crosswalk Community Church at 2590 First St. in Napa and Florence Douglas Center at 333 Amador St. in Vallejo. The Napa Fire Department responded to more than 360 calls for service over the first 30 hours after the 3:20 a.m. quake, including 92 reporting possible gas leaks, 50 for power lines down or other power problems, and 50 fires, including a mobile home park north of the city where four mobile homes were destroyed and two others were damaged, Napa fire Chief Mike Randolph said.
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Toilets and Bathrooms

April 9, 2014   

toilet-cleaningPossibly the toughest gig in professional cleaning is the bathrooms, or toilets. From a hygiene point of view, people tend to view it as the lowest of the low as far as jobs are concerned. But someone has to do it right?

Toilet Hygiene and Cleaning Options

Toilets are essentials in most homes around the world. They are amongst the most used facilities and if not cared for properly, can be a source of infections and other communicable diseases.

No matter if you own a Toto or American Standard, the best toilet hygiene and etiquette is mandatory. Every now and then it may get clogged or spoilt, and may need a little bit of maintenance. But did you know that there are a few things you can do to help the situation before you even think of calling in an expert company? (which will charge you exorbitant prices for a very small issue)

House Cleaning – Toilets

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Your first option would be to use a plunger. Because your toilet is clogged, you will need to use something that has a rubber suction to create force to unclog whatever is clogging your toilet. It is important that you place the plunger in such a way that it creates a good enough seal to generate the suction force you need. Start pushing and pulling up; the stronger the suction force the better, keep this going for a few minutes or until you realize that water is flowing in your toilet again, meaning you would have successfully unclogged the toilet.

When performing an end of lease clean the toilet is always heavily scrutinised by the property managers. No one wants to take a property that has unclean toilets. Bond cleaning staff in our organisation would always pay particular attention to cleaning these areas.

Your next option is to use toilet chemicals. These are chemicals that are manufactured to dissolve whatever is causing the clogging in your toilet. They work well for drains as well. Simply purchase a chemical, like Drano, and pour it into your toilet. However, it is important that you check the ingredients of any of those chemicals to see if they are safe to use on your type of substance your toilet is made of. Pour the chemical in; give it a few hours and check to see if the toilet is unclogged. If not, you could add a bit more, or give it more time to continue dissolving.

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Best Cleaning Products

November 18, 2013   

Who doesn’t love a good old “Top Ten” list? Well here’s one to whet your appetite if you’re preparing to do your end of lease cleaning in Brisbane. Using the correct products is vital to getting the correct finish and to remove all the grime and dirt from your different surfaces around the home.

Top 10 Cleaning Products and Supplies for Commercial Cleaning

When getting started on a new commercial cleaning service, keep in mind the following supplies and products to ensure your business is prepared for success and top-rate service: Cleaning Caddy:

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You can make your own cleaning products to assist in your bond clean, and this is a great little video which highlights how you can make your own cleaning products and save money at the same time.

5 Homemade Cleaners! DIY Cleaning Products!

Wondering how to save money and use more natural cleaning products?

Top Cleaning Tips

October 25, 2013   

Cleaning your home just became a little easier with the advice offered in this article. Check out this list of 20 amazing cleaning tips that will have your home sparkling in no time at all.

Even if you are an experienced home cleaner then I’m sure you will still find some of these tips and tricks useful.

20 Fall Cleaning Tips to Make Your Life Easier

As we get into the full swing of fall, some of us are preparing for our autumn cleaning ritual. As you start to think about how to clean problem areas in your home, you may feel the need for some new solutions. The old ones aren’t working, and some of them are even harmful to your family’s health because of all the chemicals involved. Well, look no further!

Cleaning can be an expensive exercise if you buy into those supermarket products. Well it doesn’t have to break the bank to clean your home as this video will demonstrate:

Spring Cleaning Advice: The Cheap & Easy Way

Watch as we learn how to clean our house the cheap and easy way!

Cleaning Your Bathroom

September 27, 2013   

If there’s one job I detest doing it is cleaning the bathroom. I’ll try any excuse to try and get out of doing it, but after reading this article I’m starting to change my mind. Maybe it’s not as difficult as I’ve been making it all these years!

The Basics: How to Clean a Bathroom – SlowMama

by Ann Waterman – I wasn’t always this good at cleaning bathrooms — my college roommates would be happy to elaborate, I’m sure — but I’ve gotten better at it over the years and can make even the dirtiest bathroom sparkle with a little elbow grease and a few tricks up my sleeve. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way:

If you’re still struggling for motivation then this video might just be what you need. It outlines in detail the best techniques you can use to get your bathroom looking it’s best!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips : How to Clean a Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom requires supplies such as a toilet brush, sink-and-bathtub cleaners and sponges. Make a bathroom sparkle with advice from a professional …


House Cleaning Made Easy

September 26, 2013   

We all could do with some extra help when it comes to cleaning the home. Check out these informative tips I came across the other day whilst surfing the net.

They make it sound so easy, i’m even thinking of letting my regular cleaner go and taking on the cleaning duties myself!

Easy House Cleaning Tips That Save Time – Self Guide Magazine

Follow our easy house cleaning tips to clean fast and efficient and you’ll not get every room nice and clean but you’ll do it in no time all.

By far the hardest room in the house to clean is the bathroom. Will this video inspire you to get the cloths out and get stuck into those grimey shower screens?

Cleaning the Bathroom – House Cleaning tips

Check out the video on organizing drawers. It’s filmed silent movie style. Cleaning the Bathroom is one of my specialties. In thi…

Cleaning Blood Stains

September 11, 2013   

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is ‘how to remove blood stains from my carpet’?

Well there are a few little tricks of the trade that we share with you in this article:

Removing Blood Stains From Carpet | Citrus Carpet Cleaning

Occasionally we’ll cut ourselves or an accident will occur that draws blood. And if you happen to be in living quarters when it happens, the blood may transfer from you to your carpets before you even know what has happened.

As with all stains, timing is everything. The faster you treat and clean the stain, the easier it will be to remove.

It only takes a small cut on the finger to drip a few drops and your carpet is potentially ruined. If you’re not confident to clean this yourself then there are numerous professional carpet cleaning companies you can call upon to help out.



*Using cleaners to try and clean up the blood stains on the carpet and walls,after cleaning up all the shattered glass*

Haley Scheetz✝

I just love cleaning blood stains out of my tights. #dancerprobs

Time to De-clutter

September 5, 2013   

The new fad sweeping the nation is de-cluttering! It has become fashionable to employ someone to come in and trawl through your belongings looking for items to discard. It’s no longer enough just to keep your home clean or have the occasional professional cleaner swing by.

Personally I would rather be doing this myself, but if you do want a professional service then maybe these guys will be able to help you.

De-cluttering services – UK Domestic Cleaning

All of our branches are regularly busy carrying out end of tenancy cleans. Our Lichfield branch, however, has also completed a number of de-cluttering exercises for clients. Branch owner Lucy is particularly experienced at 

We would probably recommend a de-clutter prior to vacating  a property to make the end of lease cleaning easier to undertake.

See How Easily You Can De-clutter Your Home With This Little Shift In Your Thinking – In this new episode of the Midway De-cluttering Show, you’re going to listen to a very interesting de-cluttering story. It mi…